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As a Texas driver, you have a legal and personal responsibility to purchase auto insurance to ensure the protection of yourself and others on the road. Although you may be legally obliged to purchase Texas car insurance, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have to pay the same rates as every other driver on the road.

To find the best price available for your needs, it's always best to compare auto insurance quotes from different carriers.That's where we have an advantage, whether you live in Sulphur Springs, Sulphur Bluff, Birthright, Como, or anywhere in Texas, we can compare your rates with multiple companies at one time. However, before you can begin comparing, consider the following facts about Texas auto insurance so you can get a good idea of what you're looking for.

Fact #1: Texas Law Requires a Minimum Coverage of $30,000 for Bodily Injury Per Person

We may not always realize it, but getting into a car accident where bodily injury occurs can end up costing a pretty penny when considering the cost of hospital bills, medication, and other treatment required to rehabilitate the injured person. For this reason, Texas requires All residents to have $30,000 worth of coverage for bodily injuries. Consider whether or not that is enough coverage for you, if not increase that coverage to $50,000 for just a few dollars more per month, it will be worth it in the long run (Some carriers even offer discounts for having higher limits of liability).

Fact #2: Texas Legislature Has Passed a Law Prohibiting the Use of Cell Phones/Texting While Driving

It may seem like a harmless or normal activity for you, but talking or texting on your cell phone when an accident occurs can place all of the blame on you according to Texas law. If you live in Sulphur Springs, Como, Birthright, or other surrounding areas of Texas, make sure to hang up the phone before you drive or your insurance agency may not be very pleased. Tickets and Accidents can raise your insurance by almost 25% depending on how many claims and the amount of each one. Always drive with caution or you will pay for it later.

We Can Offer Coverage to Anyone: Licensed, No License, Foreign License, Revoked/Suspended License, SR-22's, Non-Owned Auto, Excluded & Non-Rated Drivers

No matter what your situation is, come by and give us a chance to quote your insurance for you. You might be surprised at how much we can save you and the level of trust you can have in us. Our #1 goal is helping others save money and providing you with the coverage you deserve.

We also have other options that you can add to almost any policy, such as Emergency Road-Side Service, Rental Car, New Vehicle Replacement, Added Equipment Coverage, Glass Coverage, Vanishing Deductibles and more.